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Water Trading


At Peter Wilson Livestock and Real Estate we offer a water trading service focusing on providing our clients with a prompt, quality driven experience satisfying all your water requirements.  We can manage all purchases and sales, in temporary, permanent high security and Katunga deep lead transactions.  We are licensed to operate in both Victoria and New South Wales in all zones.

Water Update
We have had a lot of enquiries for temporary water to keep things growing and with temporary water being cheaper this season, many farmers are looking to buy now
​and carry over into their Low Security.  Buyers are paying premium prices for carry over space in Low Security. 
Give us a call to discuss all your options regarding carry over and any other water purchases.   

Water currently available for trading:


High Security   

  • 60 Mgs in parcels of 11 Mgs, 49 Mgs asking $2,650.00


  •  125 Mgs in parcels of 41.0 Mgs, 44 Mgs and 40 Mgs asking $2,650.00

Low Security Zone 1A

  • ​62.9 Mgs in parcels of 21.1 Mgs, 19.7 mgs, 21.1 Mgs asking $320.00


500 Mgs Low Security Zones 6 & 1A

   For all your Water Trading enquires, please contact Peter Wilson.

Peter Wilson - 0409503317 Email -








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